by Samantha Reynolds

October 2004
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Gabby loves everything about Halloween. She loves the decorations, the parties and the costumes! This particular night, she’s dressed as the Dark Mistress for the party she’s attending at her friends Jimmy and Nancy’s house! Gabby’s always wanted to “meet Dracula” and she’s hoping this will be the night. However after doing a quick search amongst the guests, she doesn’t see him. She grabs a drink and starts roaming the house!

Toward the back of the house, she comes across a room that has kegs of beer and a few people in it. She spies a pack of cigarettes sitting on a table and asks if she can “bum” one. She only gets the craving to smoke when she’s drinking! She hears a man tell her to go ahead and what a voice!!! Hoping the face matches the voice she turns; stunned she looks him up and down and back again! Sure enough, he’s tall with dark hair and green eyes and dressed all in black….as Dracula, complete with fangs! They introduce themselves and Gabby learns his name is Demonte.

In Bite Me, Ms. Reynolds gives us a very hot short story that’s perfect anytime of year!!! Gabby is kick-ass who goes after what she wants and Demonte is every woman’s fantasy but he’s Gabby’s fantasy come true! The only question I have for Ms. Reynolds is will we see more of this fantastic couple??

If you’re looking for a short hot read, then you must add this to your list!!!!

Please be aware that there is one glaring editing error on names!!

Reviewed in February 2005 by PamL.

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