by Elaine Barbieri

May 2005
ISBN: 0-8439-5409-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lowell, Texas 1869

Handsome, daring Taylor Star and luscious Vida Malone, were partners and top Pinkerton agents. They pursued the truth in the cases they tackled together, yet they both could not admit to being more then just "friends". It was after completing a very dangerous case in New Orleans that Taylor was about to confess his real feelings for Vida when he received a mysterious letter. It asked if he had forgotten his long dead sister Bonnie, and telling him it was time to return home to the Texas Star ranch. The letter had no signature or return address. Who had sent the letter to him? Without a word to Vida, or to the agency, Taylor hurried back to Texas and the ranch he had once called home.

After being away for years, Taylor barely recognized the once prosperous Texas Star ranch, and his handsome virile father, Buck Star had become a walking skeleton. Buck was ailing from a mysterious illness, and was completely dominated by his much younger and very beautiful wife, Celeste and her dour servant, Madalane. Scheming Celeste was finally gaining control of things at the Texas Star, and she was none too happy about the return of Buckís youngest son, Taylor! Several months back, Taylorís older brother, Cal, whom Buck blamed for Bonnieís tragic death had also returned to Lowell thanks to the same letter Taylor, received. With the help of Cal and his newfound half sister Honor, Taylor was going to get to the bottom of all the goings on at the ranch. Not very pleased about being left behind by Taylor in New Orleans, Vida uses her detective skills to track Taylor to Lowell. She sweeps into town taking on the guise of a saloon singer in order to dig for as much information as she can to help Taylor in his quest. Saving his father, the ranch and uncovering the real circumstances surrounding Bonnieís accident will require all of the Pinkerton training that Vida and Taylor had. Could they do all of this and finally find happiness in each otherís arms?

A slam-bang ending to the mystery and passion of the Star family saga comes your way in Elaine Barbieriís Texas Triumph! All fans of this amazing trilogy begun last year with Calís story in Texas Star and continued with Honorís in Texas Glory will have the gratification of seeing evil Celeste get the comeuppance you have been waiting for, and treated along the way to a searing love story for the youngest Star sibling Taylor and his dynamic Pinkerton partner, Vida.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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