by Adrianna Dane

February 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-342-8
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Can you image a woman of thirty-two never having a real orgasm before? Letís meet Sylvie, she is that woman, has been faking them all these years. There are no sparks in the bedroom as she has to take control and she isnít the controlling type of person in the bedroom. So what does oneís friend do? But takes her to a little get together to meet a real Dominant and maybe Sylvie and he will hit off and Sylvie finds exactly what she has been missing.

Sylvie wasnít sure about the alternative party but she went anyway. She meets Daimaen and letís just say that Sylvie likes the little bit of control that Daimaen is taking. She isnít sure how she feels about it but goes along with whatever he wants. Daimaen is a true Master; he senses what Sylvie likes and what she doesnít like. He wants to see just how far she will go with him if she truly is a submissive.

Sylvie was attracted to Daimaen and slowly started doing what he said, and of course she wanted the control that he brought to her life, not just in the bedroom but out of as well. At her job she is in a controlling position and likes giving up the control to Daimaen. The attraction between Sylvie and Daimaen is there from the start and it turns into love for both of them. But can they make the arrangements permanently?

Sylvieís Gift isnít just about Daimaen training Sylvie to be his submissive there are other forces at work as well. It seems there is a problem at work and she is trying to find out what is going on. There is danger lurking around her and she isnít even aware of it until it almost destroys her. Can she figure out along with the help of Daimaen and Allison what is really happening? Why someone would hurt her and just to what extent will she give herself over to Daimaen. Ms. Dane has given us a glimpse of what a relationship between a Dom/sub can be like and the giving and offering that is between the two of them.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pam.

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