by Callista Arman, B.J. McCall, Lynn LaFleur, Cricket Starr, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Elizabeth Lapthorne

March 2005
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Legendary Tails is Ellora’s Cave newest series for its Ellora’s Cavemen line. Legendary Tails 1 starts off the series with six titillating tales that will have you panting from the first page to the end.

New author Calista Arman starts off the book with her story The Changeling. All Raye MacLeod wanted was a little more excitement with her husband. She wanted a man like Kiernan McKenzie, the hero of her favorite erotic romance, scrumptiously sexy, and great in bed. When she makes a wish for Kiernan McKenzie, she never thought it would actually come true. She also forgot to that not all wishes, even those meant with good intentions, are always good ones.

B.J. McCall brings a whole new look to the can look but cannot touch story with her contribution Breaking the Rules. Ri Anzar knows that as Unit Leader it is forbidden to form a relationship with one of her team members. Knowing the rules doesn’t help wanting more than anything to break them to get her hands on Jac Dancer. Dancer is a temptation that is slowing turning Ri’s world upside down. So when she finally gets her chance to break the rules, she grabs the chance by the horns.

Abduction by Lynn LaFleur will have you thinking about little green men stories in a whole new light. Michaela Ware has been in love with Jaxon Greene from the first time she meet him. Unfortunately Jaxon, being a typical guy, only sees Michaela as a friend. That all starts to change when coming home from a party they see a bright light in the sky and then notice that they are missing seven hours from when they saw the light to when they noticed the time.

Cricket Starr’s Dark-Pilot’s Bride bring Josia into contact with a being of nightmare. Josia volunteered to become the bride to the Dark-pilot that was coming to their planet for trade so that her sister would not. She believes that she is being sent to her death at the hands of a killer. Luckily for her, all her thoughts about the Dark-pilots are wrong. She is being sent into the deep recesses of space but not with a raving psychopath, but with a lusty vampire that wants Josia’s body as much as he wants her blood.

In >The Windsday Club by Charlotte Boyett-Compo introduces the reader to Corydon Lesartes, Captain of the Imperial Guard of Dorschia, whose job is to protect the rulers of the Dorschia and its people. But as a member of the Windsday Club it is his duty to participate in all of the sins that young boys are warned of as children; gambling, gluttony, and most of all, lust. When mistaken identity drops a woman into the laps of the members of the Windsday Club, and especially Corydon, he vows that she will never forget what he and the members show her. And then to make her his forever.

Manacles of Love by Elizabeth Lapthorne pits beautiful, but deadly, mercenary Ma’ra against the man that she would give anything to get into her bed. Paul Sullivan has spent the past six months building his bad reputation, being discredited and kicked off the force in a very public way, so that he could infiltrate an underground criminal network and bring it crumbling down. When accused of illegal activities against Ma’ra’s cousin, Ma’ra decides to make Paul pay for what he did, but only after she gets a little something for herself.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Angel.