by Angela Knight, Sheri Gilmore, Morgan Hawke

January 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-066-4
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Before I start to tell you about this book, let me warn you that it is not for the faint of heart. I have always love threesomes, and the three stories in this book do not disappoint in any way, shape, and most definitely not in form. The anthology starts off with a wonderful work called Hero Sandwich. The world of superheroes has always fascinated children and adults for years and Angela Knight brings out a new twist to the superhero craze.

Meg Jennings isn’t always happy with the way she grew up. Being the daughter of a super villain has its drawbacks, like said father turning you into his accomplice and then trying to kill you when you don’t want to do bad deeds anymore. But it also has its advantages, like the suit that gives her the ability to fly and turn invisible, which is a major asset in her job as Paparazzi. Meg’s secret has a disadvantage as well. Everyone hates her, including Cougar and his sidekick Lynx who become the butt of jokes on the talk show circuit because of one of Meg’s pictures.

Cougar and Lynx decide that it is time to turn the tables on Paparazzi. With the use of their special senses, they form a plot to capture the wily photographer and make her pay for the pictures that she took of them. But they don’t arrest her. They give her the fantasy that has been lurking in the back of her mind since the emergence of Cougar and Lynx, Meg being the middle of a hero sandwich. Will Cougar and Lynx expose Meg for who she really is, or will Meg find out a secret that will open another door in her life that she never thought possible?

Sheri Gilmore’s contribution is called Candy for Her Soul. Natalie Pesqua had a crush on David Scott since kindergarten, and the only time she actually got the courage to do something about it Nico Bui had to do something to destroy it. Not only did Nico do everything in his power to make fun of her, he also made her pulse flutter. But Nico was the one thing she could never have. Luckily for Natalie, school is over and has been for years. She is older, more mature, and settled back home with her Nona. It’s time to start to act like a responsible adult, and that means no Nico.

Nico on the other hand has different plans for the lovely Natalie. As far back as Nico can remember he has loved Natalie. She has always represented all that was good in his life. But the only way to get to her was to torment her because she was too skittish when he was around, and she wanted David. What Nico wasn’t counting on was David deciding that he finally wanted to throw himself into the ring to compete for Natalie’s affections. But something else has its own hand in the thick of the situation, and he is determined that he will win. Question is, will they all win or will they lose?

Even in the future people who are able to see the future are ostracized. Fortune’s Star is Morgan Hawke’s story that introduces the reader to Luxi Emery, a receptionist who has hidden her seer talents since she knows that she will fired if they are found out. But talent has a way of making itself known, even if its wielder doesn’t want that to happen. When a con artist tries to hose her boss, Luxi knows that she has to expose herself and be fired, or keep silent and let her boss be conned and then get fired, so she does the right thing. Unfortunately, the conman is the possessed by a malicious spirit who decides that Luxi is exactly what he has been searching for.

With the help of her boss, who feels awful that she has to fire her, Luxi is able to escape into the recesses of space. Hopefully with a long enough lead that she maybe able to hide from the spirit that has been after her. On her way to her destination, fate has decreed that Luxi will find her destiny on Port Destiny Station in the arms of not one, but two men. Amun the sinfully seductive diplomatic telepath and Amun’s bodyguard, a spirit possessed cyborg named Leto. Will Luxi be able to withstand her desire for these two amazing men when it is time for her to leave, or will fate throw another curve into the destiny that awaits Luxi?

I absolutely loved Hard Candy. Angela Knight is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of paranormal romance, and Hero Sandwich is a hilariously sensual story that will have women out searching for their own superheroes to find. Candy for Her Soul is another great read for anyone that loves hot sex scene and emotional struggle between their characters. My favorite story of the anthology is Fortune’s Star. I loved the characters of Luxi, Amun, and Leto. The sex is boiling, and the world that Morgan Hawke has brought the reader too is a wondrously free world that will not be forgotten for a long time.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Angel.