by Stephanie Burke

January 2005
ISBN: 1-59632-027-3
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She had no name, no freedom. As the last of her kind she was utterly alone, and filled with a bitterness that begged for retribution. Watching her family and friends being slaughtered as a child had made a lasting impression in her mind of those that had enslaved her, The Others. The humans that had made a plaything thing out of her, an exotic pet to the queen. What they didnít know was that below her beautifully sculpted, furred body lay dormant a power beyond imagine, a power that will destroy them all.

She has bided her time, and nothing will stop her. What she didnít expect was He-o, another creature like herself, to come into the throne room on the culmination day of her rage. Nor did she expect for him to start to talk into her mind with a sinfully sexy voice that sent her already heated body into overdrive.

He-o came to this land to look for what he termed as the lost one, the one whose power spills out into the night like a wraith. He knew that letting the pathetic humans take him was his way of finding the lost one. He did not expect to find such a beautiful creature on display or in such emotional pain. He-o vowed that he would do anything to release her from the prison that she has been in, even if it means saving her from herself.

Unbeknown to them, danger is still lurking behind every corner. Not only do they need to worry about what the human will do if they see them, but also a demented naturalist wants He-o for herself, as well as the other members of his race enslaved and under her control. Unfortunately for the human, He-o and his people are not as defenseless as the humans believe they are, and He-oís new mate hasnít even begun to tap into the powerful forces that rage inside of her.

Liger is a fast-paced, erotic work of art that will have readers panting by the time they finish the last page. Stephanie Burke is an amazing writer that has the ability to bring the unlikely to reality, and she doesnít disappoint this story. He-o is a wonderfully sexy character that canít believe that he has finally found his mate, especially at such an inopportune time. The reader is also able to feel the pain that the heroine goes through, and her need for revenge. Anyone that loves a good paranormal definitely needs to hurry up and buy Liger. I know that this reviewer is going to be waiting impatiently for the second book of this series to come out.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Angel.

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