by Lauren Royal

July 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21592-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

At fifteen years of age, Alexandra Chase worshipped Tristan Nesbitt from afar. As her brother Griffin’s best friend, he was off limits, especially because of the fact that he was a mere mister. That, nonetheless, didn’t stop her heart from pining for him. When Tristan travels to Jamaica to learn how to manage his uncle’s plantation, Alexandra vows to set her youthful crush aside and concentrate on falling in love with a man that her parents will actually allow her to marry. However, things change seven years down the road when Alexandra’s parents and older brother die, and her brother Griffin is forced to come home from the war to take care of herself and her two sisters, Juliana and Corinna.

The ensuing seven years have also changed Tristan. No longer a mister, he was awarded the title of Lord Hawkridge after his uncle’s death. The moment Alexandra sets eyes on Tristan again, her love for him comes rushing back and she knows she can never honestly entertain offers from other gentlemen again. Tristan is equally smitten, but after losing in love not once but twice, he has vowed to never risk love again. Besides that, he knows he can never marry Alexandra. He is considered a murderer and Griffin will never allow him to court Alexandra.

After a shared kiss, the longing only continues to grow between them, but Alexandra knows she must once again set aside her feelings for Tris in order to make an advantageous marriage that will allow her sisters to also marry well in the future. She knows she can never love another man like she loves Tristan, but family honor forces her to do the right thing. However, at the big ball Griffin plans for Alexandra, things don’t go quite according to plan and before they quite realize what is happening, Alexandra and Tristan are caught in a situation that demands only one solution: marriage. But how can the daughter of a marquess marry a murderer? Alexandra knows the only way to make her marriage have any chance of succeeding is to discover the truth, and with the tenacity and organization that she is known for, she sets out to do just that.

Lost in Temptation is the first book in Lauren Royal’s new The Sweet Temptations trilogy and like her previous stories, it is an adventurous romp through love featuring a feisty heroine and a protective and ingenious hero. Alexandra knows her mind and all her life, she has wanted to share a future with Tristan. Though she’s ready to give up on that dream, when it is finally in her grasp, she does everything she can to make certain that all will turn out well. Tristan is an equally bold character with some interesting quirks that make him really stand out amongst many of the Regency England heroes showing up in today’s historical novel. Together, they prove to be a winning duo that will quickly endear themselves to readers’ hearts and minds. Lauren Royal’s fun use of historical details helps to bridge the line between fact and fiction, ensuring that all readers are in for an afternoon of delight when they read Lost in Temptation.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Sarah.

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