by Kara Fey

February 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-093-7
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Charla, Moon Warrior and heir to the throne of Anthea, has finally located Kamara. She was sent to rescue the woman only to find that another has tracked Kamara through her. Kamara knows that it is her brother that has followed Charla and not wanting either of the two to blow her cover, she plants memories in Charla. Charla is to capture Padraic and turn him, unharmed, over to her Queen. However, when Charla locates Padraic she finds him in danger of being killed. What she doesn’t realize is that Padraic has been trying to draw Charla out. Now they must fight for their lives, including their lust for each other.

The second in Ms. Fey’s House of Moons trilogy, I believe that the reader should re-read the first book. I was a tad lost at the beginning but then the characters and their connections flowed back as I read on. Charla’s whole world is tilting on its axis and instead of allowing it to beat her down she becomes a stronger woman. Padraic is psychically stronger than anyone else and he meets his match in this untrained, magically suppressed woman. Together, they solve a mystery and plot to start a revolution. Fast paced and exciting, I find myself even more impatient for the finale to this involving trilogy!

Reviewed in March 2005 by Vikky.

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