by Diane Whiteside

July 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0794-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Rosalind Schulyer is running for her life from Nicholas Lennox. He wants to marry her so he can have her money. It seems that Rosalindís father left his business partner her guardian and over her trust fund as well until she reaches twenty-five or marries. She refused to marry Nicholas and now must stay on the run and hide from everyone trying to find her for the next fifteen months or so. So Rosalind Schulyer becomes one Frank Carstairs. A persona that has served her well in the past and one she is currently again outwitting everyone. She also travels on the one transportation that no one will ever look for her, on a steamboat.

Rosalind aka Frank is one tough character. She doesnít let anything stop her to achieve the goal she has which is to stay alive and have no one recognize her as the runaway railroad heiress or as a woman. That is until she meets Hal Lindsay once again sitting across a poker table. Yes, Frank Carstairs is a professional poker player.

Hal canít believe that he has stumbled upon Rosalind. He never expected to see her again. He is not disappointed; he is the only one that has figured out her disguise and helps her to stay hidden and safe. Hal sees Rosalind as a woman and one he never forgot from their brief meeting over six months before. So what does he do, but hire her as his cub pilot to keep her safe. And boy, does he keep her safe, in his own cabin with a cot in his room.

The relationship between Hal and Rosalind is like the river they travel, winding with dangers hidden and unforeseen obstacles. Hal is there to comfort and lend a hand to Rosalind every step of the way and Rosalind is there for Hal as well. The danger surrounding both Hal and Rosalind is Nicholas Lennox. We met his brother Paul in The Irish Devil as well as William and Viola who we met again and learn what has been happening with them as well as Morgan Evans.

Both Hal and Rosalind can be stubborn, strong-willed and they both have a soft heart to those they love. It seems there is danger surrounding the Donovanís as well and both men are fierce protectors of the ones they love and their family.

Ms. Whiteside has done it once again, given us a story that will not let us escape back to the real world until weíve read the last page. She doesnít hold back with the sexual tension and the scenes in the story. We get a little more than we bargain for as we get to see not only Hal and Rosalind but others as well, or at least brief glimpses or telltale signs. We also see how love can help conquer fears both mentally and physical ones.

If you are looking for a book that will sweep you away for a few hours to travel on a steamboat that can be winding and dangerous as any relationship can be and still land at the end with a happy ending,then pick up The River Devil.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Pam.

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