by Fern Michaels

June 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-7749-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucy Baker is a highly successful and much sought after defense attorney. She is a partner in her family law firm, and on the brink of being named a judge.

As the story begins Lucy is at the end of another trial. It’s as she’s awaiting the verdict that she realizes that her client is truly guilty. When she hears that she has indeed won his freedom she feels overwhelmed, and not for her victory, but for the fact that maybe she has helped to allow one too many guilty parties back into the world to again commit whatever crime they were originally arrested. Lucy decides that the time has come to take a sabbatical and rethink her career.

Her brother Steven, who is also her partner in the law firm they had inherited from their parents, isn’t thrilled with her decision, but understands as we hope family would. Her fiancé, Jonathan St. Claire, is not happy with Lucy’s decision to take time away from her career. As the story develops readers will gain insight into why Jonathan would not support Lucy’s choices as a future husband should.

With the daily stress of her law practice behind her Lucy is settling into a nice routine in the suburbs. She’s got a part-time job working with one of her neighbors. She has a home, a dog, and with her wedding plans thinks her life is very nearly perfect. She is therefore totally unprepared when approached by two FBI agents whom begin to present her with information about Jonathan.

Being the dutiful fiancée Lucy doesn’t believe the story that the FBI is weaving for her. However, soon she allows her emotions not to rule her brain, and engages the sharp legal mind that she has been gifted with.

Lucy has one other problem besides the unraveling of what was to have been her life with Jonathan. Her dog Sadie, and her neighbor’s dog Clueless Cooper have developed affection for one another. When they finally manage to complete a tunnel between the two yards Lucy gets the pleasure of meeting Coop’s owner, Wylie Wilson.

Almost needless to say Sadie and Coop aren’t the only ones with a developing relationship. Wylie and Lucy also find themselves attracted to one another. However, first Lucy must clear her good name and disentangle herself from the web that was woven around her by Jonathan. Wylie, being slightly more than a good neighbor comes to Lucy’s aide, and even assists her by gathering some of his friends to assist.

Nosy Neighbor is a nice read. It won’t leave readers dangling on the edge of their chairs, waiting for the next action scene. The romance far outweighs the suspense, yet there is enough of the suspense to satisfy readers.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sandi.

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