by Marie Carroll

ISBN: 1-4137-5155-5
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Feeling The Hurt, Healing The Heart will hit home for many people. This book isn’t per se a romance but it is what happens to a marriage after one has had an affair. The book is broken down into different points in the life of the woman as she doesn’t want to acknowledge that her husband is having an affair, even when the signs are all there. She knows on a subconscious level that it is happening but doesn’t want to believe it even with some of the signs pointing in that direction.

We only hear about the woman and what she is going through, her feelings and thoughts. What is happening to her and her emotions and the turmoil and denial she is put through over and over again. The trust factor is definitely blown to smithereens and can it ever be there again, can she ever trust him after the lies and deceit?

There are questions as well that seem to be never answered that play a role in how she feels and her self esteem. Will he do it again, is he still seeing “her”, and talking to “her”? And the big one, does he love her?

The book tells of one woman’s journey through the trials and tribulation of her husband having an affair, to health issues for herself and him and a few other problems as well. Can she take control of herself and her life again to be able to either stay in the marriage after the many lies or will she move on? You will have to read this short and straightforward story to find out.

Feeling The Hurt, Healing The Heart is just that a story of the hurt and pain that a love one can do and how hopefully you can overcome the hurt and move forward. Even though the past is in the past the doubt might still be there and the trust is not easily won back, even if it ever is. Anyone who has thought or having an affair should read this story. The story will give you a look at what the other person is dealing with even if they do not let you know.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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