by Bronwyn Jameson

July 2001
ISBN: 0-373-76380-8
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Mass Market Paperback

In Bed With The Boss's Daughter is HOT! Scorching from the first page, Bronwyn Jameson never lets the tension go slack. Turning up the heat higher and higher, she leaves not only the characters but also the readers panting and out of control.

Six years seem like a long time, but not for Paris Grantham and Jack Manning! Six years in London are not long enough for Paris to overcome her attraction to Jack. And for Jack, staying behind in Australia, they are definitely not long enough to forget her honest and heartfelt proposition. A turned down proposition from the boss's daughter! A proposition Jack wants

her to repeat. Or does he, now, when he has to concentrate on the most important project of his life?

Back in Sydney and forced not only to prove her worth to her father but to do so by working for him and along Jack. Paris sets out to conquer the office and to tempt Jack. And even though Jack is trying hard to resist - he fails! She might have run away to London and her mother when he turned her down six years ago, but that didn't keep her from growing into one alluring lady. And as an affair with the boss's daughter is not possible Jack sets out to seduce her - with marriage on his mind.

Paris is a rich woman, daddy's little girl, but she never came across as spoiled. Far from it, Paris is strong and brave, going after what she wants working for it! And Jack? Well, he is equally strong but with the added advantage of a loving family. He's earned his position by working hard and showing determination. The same determination he needs to show when dealing with Paris.

One has to admire how those two office bound characters manage to shine off the pages with a warmth and passion that found an answering heat in my belly and in my heart. Yup, to be honest here, I felt turned on by those two, over and over again. And although I don't really care for the whole office romance set up, Bronwyn Jameson convinced me that a good writer with a sexy voice and compelling characters can leave me hooked and singing its praise. I not only followed

their story but joined in, in tears, lust and laughter.

So do I want to recommend In Bed With The Boss's Daughter? Definitely!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Kris Alice.

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