by Jen Holling

June 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-7106-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland Highlands, 1597

Isobel MacDonell lives in her own private hell. Twelve years ago, Isobelís mother had been burned at the stake for witchcraft; a fate Isobelís father did not want repeated for his three precious daughters who have inherited their motherís powers. Deciding enough time had passed, Alan MacDonell has sent his most trusted knight to retrieve Isobel from her foster family in England, so as she can marry a powerful earl who would keep her and her family safe from the Kingís witch-hunts. At first Isobel is reluctant to leave the life she has grown accustomed to for the past twelve years and journey home with Sir Philip Kilpatrick, a man she remembers from her youth who trained with her father. Assured by Philip that her father and her beloved sisters anxiously await her; Isobel makes her way back to the Scottish Highlands with Sir Philip and his two loyal soldiers. Realizing from the information Isobel begins to gather about her betrothed that he is a dark and brooding man thought to have murdered his first wife, Isobel begins to grow wary of going home to marry such a man. Her infatuation with Sir Philip has also taken a turn, as his kisses and warm embrace begins to stir something in Isobelís soul that no other man would ever be able to do.

Estranged from his clan, Sir Philip Kilpatrick lives with the heavy guilt from having lost his younger sister years ago when she was entrusted to his care. Effie mysteriously disappeared at age six never to be seen or heard from again. Now Philip makes his living ďfindingĒ other missing people. Summoned by his good friend and overlord, Alan MacDonnell to go to England to bring his eldest daughter Isobel home for her betrothal to another, Sir Philip at first is taken aback by Isobelís witchcraft. Nevertheless, Isobelís strength, grace, and beauty begin to wear away Philipís hesitations, and perhaps her abilities of being a seer can help him finally locate his missing sister, and put to rest his years of pain and misery! Isobelís fiery passion is something Philip did not count on. If Philip and Isobel can just get past the prejudice and fear the Highlanders have of witches, they could rejoice in their love. However, that will not happen, and Isobel needs to make the match her father has contracted for her, as that will assure her familyís safety, even if it costs the love of the one man she really truly wants, Philip.

The first in a new Medieval Scottish trilogy by author Jen Holling featuring three sisters who are witches, My Wicked Highlander is sure to be a quick bestseller! A marvelous tale of intrigue with many twists and turns. My Wicked Highlander will leave you screaming for more and anxiously awaiting the next two installments. Isobel is compelling in her beliefs for righteousness even at the cost to her own safety when she uses her witchcraft. Philip puts aside his own fears of witchcraft and would die to protect his Isobel. Praise for Jen Holling who knows her craft, and gives it her all in My Wicked Highlander!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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