by Lois Greiman

June 2005
ISBN: 0-440-24262-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Chrissy McMullen is a psychologist with some pretty weird clients and a famous one at that - Andrew Bomstad, a tight end for the Lions. The story starts off with Chrissy having a session with one of her patients. Her trouble begins when Bomstad suddenly dies in her office with his pants unzipped and his pride and joy standing straight up for the world to see.

This is where Lieutenant Rivera comes in. He is the officer to prove that Chrissy either murdered her client or she is innocence. He is hard-nosed and doesnít take no for an answer. He seems to show up at her place at the oddest times to question her again and again.

Chrissy is just as determined to prove her innocence as Rivera is to prove her guilty. So she does what only a woman would do and that is to try to help with the investigation in her own way. She bumbles through it with the help of JD, a geek who can uncover almost anything with his computer and of course a little incentive. She also runs into trouble along the way and it seems that Rivera is there to help her out a few times. Of course, she does do some rather sneaky things that have him in an uproar.

Chrissy is a woman that doesnít let a lot of things keep her down and having a client die in her office is not something that keeps her down for long. She has a friend and colleague that listens to her problems and that helps her with the whole situation surrounding Bomstad.

Unzipped is the first for Ms. Greiman in a different genre than historical or even contemporaries. This is the first of a romance suspense/mystery, and Iím hoping it will not be the last. Chrissy was hilarious in her own way on how she played her revenge out on Rivera, by butchering his name. I donít think she used the same name twice except for when she actually called him by his last name. At the beginning of each chapter there is a little saying normally by someone that is related to Chrissy, those were fun to read. We also get to see the struggles that she goes through as well as her own conversation and how to best handle a situation. It doesnít always go as planned though.

The story does throw in some twist, turns and a few curves along the way, as well as a few surprises from a few characters. JD is quite the character, in full geeky mode and having problems with a remote. Elaine is Chrissyís best-friend and somewhat receptionist as well. She is also fun to watch and see what part she is up for next, as that is her personality leading up to the audition.

The chemistry between Rivera and Chrissy is something also not to be missed. It seems they both would like to know each other better but one of them has to have some sense as to what is going on around them.

If you are looking for a story that has struggles, misgivings, murder, assault and some different techniques to solve a murder with a few laughs along the way from a character that pretty much tells it like she sees it. Even to herself and a quirky character or two thrown in then donít miss Unzipped. I know Iím looking forward to more stories like this one from Ms. Greiman.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Pam.

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