by Erin McCarthy

May 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20267-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

As Shelby Tucker led the 9 a.m. tour group through one of her grandmother’s haunted homes, she was recounting the story of Nanny Baskins as she opened the door of the blue bedroom....

...and discovered the scrumptious vision of a skin-clad sleeping man instead of the usual poltergeist. Now this was a sight for sore eyes indeed! One fine specimen, if Shelby was any judge, all stretched out on the white eyelet spread. Definitely not an otherworldly image - but flesh and blood man - ALL man. Obviously, Granny had “forgotten” to tell Shelby that the house was rented - probably on purpose, hoping for just this sort of incident.

The last thing Boston Macnamara expected was to be wakened by a crowd. Exiled to this rural Ohio burg by his boss, he never expected this sort of reception. And this insistence that his rental house was haunted - what a crock! He was here to do a job and get the h— out. Period. No time for mingling with the townspeople. And while Shelby was intriguing, it looked like her ex-husband was still interested. No way was Boston planning on getting in the middle of something like that.

Author Erin McCarthy has a deft hand at character development, and there are loads of interesting people in Cuttersville, Ohio. Of course, some of them are deceased, but they still hang around to offer their opinions and make mischief whenever they can. A Date With the Other Side offers readers quite a few chuckles, some face-fanning moments, and one heck of a love story. Surprises await those who expect a “sophisticated city boy meets country girl” romance. Ms. McCarthy delivers much more.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Paula.

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