by Kristin Gabriel

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25968-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #868
Mass Market Paperback

Kate Talavera is about to suspend her rational common sense and buy into a dream – a dream that says a certain skirt is magic, and with it a girl can find her one true love!! Sure, it’s a hokey idea, but as Kate sees two of her friends married off after wearing the very same skirt, well... what’s a single girl to think?

Her plan is to don this “magic” piece of apparel for an evening with her old high school crush, who will then fall helplessly at her feet, offer her his undying affection, and carry her off to the proverbial cottage with picket fence, etc. etc. However, as all plans do, this one fails dismally. And it’s the fault of dashingly handsome Brock Gannon who shows up at Kate’s door just after she tries on the skirt!! Oh oh, right garment – wrong man! Or is he?

Kristin Gabriel clearly had a lot of fun writing this lighthearted story because a sense of enjoyment comes across loud and clear. Brock Gannon can’t believe his old childhood friend has become the gorgeously sexy Kate, and Kate herself is all a-twitter over Brock and his chest!

Clearly, the skirt really wasn’t necessary, but Kate has convinced herself that Brock’s interest is only the result of her wearing it! What she doesn’t know is that Brock definitely has an interest in the skirt, but it’s just not what she thinks it is!!

Bright, intelligent and occasionally quite silly, Kate is very much an ‘everywoman’ heroine – there’s got to be something she does that almost all readers can identify with!! Brock is the perfect match – handsome, dedicated to his goals, and very confused about his feelings when it comes to Kate! There is an overwhelmingly sensual sizzle between them, but Ms. Gabriel doesn’t rush them into bed, instead she allows them to build up to it in a natural and occasionally tortured way. Their affair leads them on a chase through a series of misadventures and mix-ups and this charming story arrives at its inevitable happy ending just slightly out of breath!!

Short and sassy, this is a great story in the “Single in the City” series – just perfect for a couple of hours escape whenever you need a smile and a touch of whimsy along with your romance!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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