by Kasey Michaels

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77038-3
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Mass Market Paperback

The author offers up " A Brief Primer" at the beginning of Shall We Dance?, which helps readers, who are not well versed in British history, understand the back story of how Princess Caroline and Prince George, better known as Prinney or Florizel, became involved in a struggle over Caroline becoming the queen consort after the death of King George III. Caroline has provided Prinney with an heir and money, but has lived a rather wild ,separate life in Europe.

Caroline does have a softer side and has adopted orphans over the years. Amelia Fredericks has been with the queen since childhood and is her most trusted companion. Perry Shepherd, Earl of Brentwood, has been sent on a mission to spy on the queen. As he investigates the queen's past and present, Perry seems to uncover more questions and secrets than answers. Is Amelia truly an orphan or the secret daughter of the king? Will Perry be able to accomplish his goals as he loses his heart to the charming Amelia?

Although it is based on fact, most of Shall We Dance? is a "what if" story. There are many characters introduced early in the plot, but the author has thoughtfully listed and summarized them all at the end of the second part of the book titled "Choosing Sides". All the characters, both main and secondary are well fleshed out and engaging even when shown "warts and all".

Shall We Dance? is sure to please Kasey Michaels legions of fans and make new ones of those who love a tantalizing tale. It is the perfect blend of witty dialog, humor and spicy love scenes. The universal themes explored will resonate with all readers. I will be looking forward to Ms. Michaels' next book from HQN in November 2005, Stuck In Shangri-La.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Roberta.

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