by Dakota Cassidy

January 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-121-6
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Devon Masters has recently moved to Texas and taken over the antiques shop willed to her after the death of her grandmother. She loves everything about her new life, with the exception of a ghost that seems to have taken up residence with her. After one particularly scary incident, Devon calls a real life ghost hunter she finds listed online.

Gustavo Hernandez doesnít think anything of the crazy lady on the phone until she mentions that the name ďGusĒ had been written on her bathroom mirror. This gets his attention and he arrives promptly at her apartment. Upon meeting Devon and her amorous ghost, Gustavo decides that the best thing would be for him to spend the night so he can do some in depth investigating.

This is a very short book so itís not surprising the characters give in to their attraction so quickly. It may start out as just sex, but as they get the chance to know each other itís obvious that they belong together. However, it does require a bit of ghostly intervention to make them see the light.

Laughter and smiles are abundant as the author shares the characters inner thoughts. There is no shortage of heat either. This wasnít my personal favorite by this author but still an enjoyable read. Fans who are familiar with this authorís delightful sense of humor wonít want to miss this latest release.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Jackie.

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