by Nina Bruhns

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27431-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1361
Mass Market Paperback

Luce Montgomery is a bounty hunter. She has come to Piñon Lake, New Mexico after her man, Clyde. Clyde skipped from St. Louis and she has come to his home town to find him and drag him back. Only things don’t go as she planned. She doesn’t cuff Clyde but instead Philip O’Donuaugh, the Chief of Police of Piñon Lake. Talk about mistaken identity.

After Luce tackled him, he turned the table on her when she found out who he was. Philip can’t believe that Luce is a bounty hunter. Once they straighten out who they were, they did talk about Clyde. It seems that Philip is looking for him as well.

Philip shows up at Luce’s motel room the next morning, this sets how the following days would begin. Philip showing up and they go on the search for Clyde, each wanting to find Clyde for different reasons. It seems the longer they are looking for Clyde the more intriguing it gets. It appears that Clyde isn’t exactly who they thought he was.

Philip and Luce are both attracted to one another from the very beginning, especially when Luce searches Philip for his id. From the first tackle to the end we are drawn into the mystery surrounding Clyde. Philip is falling hard for Luce and wants more than just a few days with her. Luce on the other hand is running, she is searching for something but not sure what it is. She only knows she will know what it is when she finds it.

I must say that I enjoyed Blue Jeans and a Badge. Luce and Philip knew how to take care of themselves but they also grew and learned some thing about themselves in the process. But is it enough for Luce to stay in Piñon Lake with Philip? Ms. Bruhns was able to bring to life the scenery surrounding Piñon Lake, it made me want to go exploring except for one part. Philip and Luce both have a past they must somehow put to rest before they can move forward and finally have a happy ending. But this all hinges on finding Clyde and solving another mystery along the way. Come along with Luce and Philip as they traipse the wilds of the desert looking for their man, you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Pam.

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