by Barbara Donlon Bradley

July 2001
ISBN: 1-58200-657-1
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Barbara Donlon Bradley’s A Portrait In Time is a captivating story of a modern woman who is thrown back in time to a year when she thinks she could never survive. It is a romance that transports the reader through time as you spend hours relaxing while reading it. This was my first ebook, and to tell the truth I had avoided them up until this one. I just didn’t see how it could be as pleasurable to have to sit at the computer and look at that book online. It was a very nice experience for the first one. For a book this good, I wouldn’t have a problem repeating it!

After spending a few months in the past and then suddenly being thrown back into her own time, Alex realizes that in the past is where she truly longs to be. She misses Trey, whom she married after being transported through a picture of herself into a past where she wasn’t supposed to exist. The marriage has been forced by a meddlesome aunt who reminds Alex very much of her Grams. While the story never openly gives us the connection between Aunt Rose and Grams, it is quite obvious that there is one.

There is even a little side story of vengeance and an evil plot to destroy Trey and all that he has to keep things moving. A little kidnapping, barn burning, and a big surprise about the identity of the villain fills this book with intrigue. Ms. Bradley has written a tale that keeps moving and never slows down. There is action, romance and all the makings of wonderful entertainment. I highly recommend this eBook for anyone who enjoys the paranormal!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Angela.

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