by Karyn Monk

March 2005
ISBN: 0-553-58442-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Inventor Simon Kent has a reputation for eccentricity as well as a brilliant mind. Lady Camelia Marshall hopes to entice him into helping her solve a problem plaguing her archeological excavation in South Africa. When her letters go unanswered, she decides that the gentleman cannot possibly refuse to speak to her on his own doorstep, and so presents herself at his home.

When no one answers the unlocked door, Camelia does the unthinkable. She ventures inside, and discovers that Mr. Kent is not the elderly scholar she had envisioned. In fact, there is nothing at all to suggest that the handsome and brawny specimen in front of her is the well-known inventor. Of course, the fact that he is arguing with a piece of recalcitrant machinery may be her first clue.

Simon Kent has no time or interest in helping Lady Marshall with her problem. Indeed, he has plenty of projects already underway. The fact that Camelia is as lovely as she is determined makes no difference. It is only when she is attacked by footpads who warn her to stay away from South Africa that he changes his mind.

Author Karyn Monkís latest novel, Every Whispered Word, will take readers from the halls of London to the furthest reaches of Africa. Camelia and Simon face danger as they try to discover who is behind the attacks and sabotage that threaten to stop the excavation. Is it the local diamond cartel, the natives or the rumored ďcurseĒ?

I enjoyed the imagery of the African landscape in contrast to the normal ballroom scenes. Camelia is very single-minded in her determination to carry on her late fatherís quest. Simonís humble beginnings have left him with some lingering self-doubts that will be resolved. The plot is complex but does not wander. It keeps the readerís interest engaged until the last question is answered.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Paula.

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