by Jennifer Ashley

February 2005
ISBN: 0-8439-5281-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

June 1813

Honoria Ardmore is prim and proper, a lady well bred through and through, who has settled herself into spinsterhood. One tiny indiscretion years ago when she was young resulted in a rushed marriage to the notorious pirate captain Christopher Rain the night before Raine was to be executed. Honoria’s secret is safe, especially from her vengeful brother, renowned pirate hunter, James Ardmore who brought Raine to justice; that is until Christopher shows up in London in Honoria’s bedroom very much alive and very much wanting his beautiful wife back where she belongs, in his bed!

Captain Christopher Raine had a date with the hangman’s noose. Captured by his once friend turned pirate hunter, James Ardmore, Raine had been secretly infatuated with James’ younger sister, Honoria, for years. The night before he was to die, Honoria, the one woman whose spell Raine could not escape, came to his cell and granted a condemned man his final wish, a night of passion and pleasure sealed with a marriage vow. Cheating death, thanks to a bargain he made with Ardmore for information in regards to another pirate, Christopher has fought for four years to make it back to his bride. Now all that was withheld from Christopher is about to be his again, starting with Honoria’s love and the treasure he was forced to hide while being chased by her brother.

Ahoy mates! Another high seas adventure is sailing your way in the latest from Jennifer Ashley, The Care and Feeding of Pirates, the sequel to her previous best selling pirate novels, The Pirate Next Door and The Pirate Hunter. Sexy, vibrant, and exciting is the only way to describe Christopher Raine. Beautiful, strong and sassy is his Honoria! The story abounds with explosive battles on and off the water between two dynamic and forceful captains! Sexually charged verbal battles erupt between Christopher and hot tempered Honoria, and they result in some steamy love scenes garranteed to make you melt under the heat! I did not think Jennifer Ashley could top her previous two pirate adventures or those two other hunky pirate captains and their ladies, but she has done it with this brilliant climax to her series. Bravo!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Bonnie.

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