by Susan Crandall

March 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61411-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Molly Boudreau had one goal when she was growing upÖto become a big city doctor, and leave Glens Crossing in her past. However a situation has arisen in which Molly sees only one option. She has to leave Boston ASAP and get home to Glens Crossing. In her haste to leave Boston, and what she perceives as a highly dangerous situation, she doesnít think about what her arrival back in Glens Crossing will be like.

As a doctor in a free clinic in Boston, Molly has befriend a pregnant Sarah Morgan. As she reflects back on the friendship, she realizes it was more Sarah befriending her than the other way around. Regardless, their unique bond is strong, and when Sarah needs someone to keep her newborn son, Molly just cannot refuse. Sarah leaves Molly and Nicholas promising to shortly return.

When Sarah is brutally murdered, it becomes up to Molly to do what she thinks is best for Nicholas. Is her judgment clouded by their friendship, by the danger Sarah thought lurked on every corner, or by her own desire to have a child? For answers to those questions youíll have to read Promises To Keep for yourself.

Finally home in Glens Crossing things are not going smoothly for Molly and Nicholas. She is shocked by the fact her family just doesnít open their arms and welcome her back into the fold. When assumptions are made about Nicholasí parentage she also doesnít try to set the record straight, and that leaves a few hard feelings amongst her family.

There are people in Glens Crossing who are glad to see Molly back. She is just beginning to carve a life for herself, when a stranger arrives. His name is Dean Coletta. Dean, a reporter who has covered the Middle East is using the cover story that heís investigating life in small towns to get close to the residents of Glenís Crossing. Is this the truth? Has life in a war zone finally gotten to Dean, and heís ready for something as far from that life as he can get? What is he doing in Glens Crossing, and will Molly and Nicholas be affected by his being there?

As I read, I was pulled deeper and deeper into the story. I was glad to see that residents of Glens Crossing that we had been introduced to in previous books and were again featured in Promises To Keep. When I closed Promises To Keep I was satisfied that Molly and Dean had the foundation on which to build a strong loving relationship, and a safe home for Nicholas. My curiosity about what had happened to characters introduced in previous stories was also satisfied, and yet because they were secondary characters here they remained in their place, and didnít overpower.

Promises to Keep promises to provide you with another read to add to your keeper shelf.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Sandi.

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