by Linda Windsor

July 2005
ISBN: 0-7852-6063-3
Reviewer Graphic Button WestBow Press
Trade Paperback

Mark Madison thinks life is one big partyóbut now heís facing prison time for driving while intoxicated--until big brother Blaine pulls a few strings and arranges for Mark to have community service instead. Community service isnít exactly what Mark had in mind, especially when he finds himself stuck in a remote Mexican village. Mark reluctantly accepts the responsibility, knowing this is his last chance to prove to Blaine that heís more than a goof-off and is actually worth his weight at the family business, Madison Engineering.

Corinne Diaz came to the tiny Mexican village to try to find her birth mother, and this is her last known location. She accepts a job at the orphanage and quickly becomes a favorite among the locals. She isnít impressed when Mark shows up to renovate the orphanage. After all, her previous acquaintance with him was under less than favorable circumstances - Mark threw up on her.

Mark is finding renovating the orphanage is truly a challenge. First, heís adopted by a bewitched pigóand the pig certainly does act odd. And how does one find reliable help in an area where tomorrow might actually mean tomorrow, or next month? And what about this strange curse that everyone claims he is under? Is someone using voodoo to sabotage all his attempts to renovate?

Fiesta Moon is a cute story set in an unusual location. Mark is a loveable hero, and in spite of his less than stellar past, he is honestly trying to make a difference, and not only to impress the lovely Corinne. He even comes face-to-face with God during his sojourn in Mexico, who gives him the grace to continue in spite of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Readers will laugh at the antics in Fiesta Moon and shudder in fear when a ghost apparently starts walking the halls of the orphanage hacienda. Book two in the Moonstruck series, Fiesta Moon. Pick it up for an inexpensive trip to Mexico, and send the money you would have spent to a missionís organization instead.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Laura.

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