by Suzanne Brockmann

July 2005
ISBN: 0-345-48012-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

Max Bhagat and Gina Vitagliano have intrigued readers since their first appearance in Brockmann’s Over The Edge. In Breaking Point Ms Brockmann finally gifts her readers with the story of this larger than life couple.

When a café is bombed in Germany and the list of casualties is released, FBI agent Jules Cassidy is stunned to see Gina Vitagliano among the dead. One of the hardest things for Jules has ever had to do is break the news to his boss, Max Bhagat.

Max insists on going to Germany to bring Gina home. Despite his objections Jules accompanies Max on this journey. Upon arrival in Germany they are stunned to discover the woman believed to be Gina is in fact not her but someone else who has her passport.

It soon comes to light that terrorists wanting to draw out Special Forces agent turned smuggler Grady Morant have kidnapped Gina and her friend Molly Anderson. The kidnappers know that Molly is important to Grady and plan to use her and Gina to get him to do their bidding.

Grady aka Jones soon appears on the scene and informs Max that he is willing to trade himself for Gina and Molly’s safe return. With several other terror attacks going on around the world Max soon finds that he must rely on only himself, Jules and Jones to develop a plan to free the women and insure that they all come out alive.

Ms Brockmann uses three different periods of time to tell Max and Gina’s story in Breaking Point. This is a unique way of story telling and one that in the hands of another writer could become confusing but Ms Brockmann uses it to her full advantage and it works very well in this book. Readers also get a bonus romance involving Molly and Jones that proves to be almost as compelling as the primary romance.

Jules Cassidy also proves to be a major player in Breaking Point and it is issues involving him that prevent me from giving this book the highest recommendation. Ms Brockmann has developed this character over several previous books and in Breaking Point she has him stand up to Max on several occasions, which I thought, was wonderful and very in character for him. However there are some other issues involving him that this reader found to be very out of character to the point where I was distracted from the enjoyment of the book. That is not to say that I did not enjoy the book overall. I was pleased with the way both of the romances paned out and Breaking Point will go on my keeper shelf simply because it's Max and Gina's story however I hope that the next time we see Jules he will be back to his old self again.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Barbara.

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