by Christine Feehan

June 2005
ISBN: 0-515-13953-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Christine Feehan has introduced the seven magical Drake sisters within the pages of two trilogies - Twilight Before Christmas and Lover Beware. Now it is time for the first full-length novel about the mystical family and their awe-inspiring powers. It has been worth the wait.

Abigail Drake, the third born, has always had an affinity for the ocean. As a marine biologist she has been able to combine her love of dolphins with her need to preserve their world. She is well-respected in her field and her studies have taken her around the globe. There is no place like home, though, and Abby is glad to be back in Sea Haven, swimming with the pod that makes their home off the coast.

When a disturbance shatters her tranquil reunion with the dolphins, Abby witnesses a murder - and discovers that Alexsandr Volstov is in Sea Haven. Falling in love with the handsome Interpol agent was Abby’s biggest mistake, and she hoped that time would ease her heartache and betrayal. Seeing him again has opened all those old wounds, making her not only vulnerable to his seductive charm, but to the forces that endanger them all.

Alexsandr has never stopped loving Abby. Now that he is here, in her hometown, he is determined to make up for the years they have lost. She trusted him once and paid a high price. This time he not only must protect her, but also the rest of her remarkable family.

Ms. Feehan has brought paranormal romance to a new high with Oceans of Fire. She has not only continued to define and enhance the Drake family, but she has introduced some characters that are sure to return in the coming four stories. There is plenty of spine-tingling action to keep readers on the edge of the couch, and simmering passion for more than a few heartfelt sighs. This book is headed straight for my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Paula.

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