by Cynthia Scott

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59088-395-0
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Grace travels from England to Texas with her father who is an Earl. She is used to being deferred to, as she is a titled lady. She finds the rundown ranch they own in Texas very daunting. Here she meets their blacksmith, Will Donegan. Will has his own secrets.

I found Grace to be a true snob. She dramatically changed as the book went on but I found this change in character hard to accept. The whole idea of her travelling out to the Texas wilderness to their ranch and expecting to being treated like an English lady with servants running after her every whim was a bit unreal.

Trying to see her and Will as a couple was too hard to imagine. He was a good thought out hero while her character was to my mind poorly crafted.

I could not like her at all and her father seemed to indulge her at every turn. She was supposed to be with him to solve a mystery. The Earl wanted to know who was stealing his profits from the ranch and thought his daughter was the right person to solve this. I couldnít see how she was equipped to do this. It seemed again unreal. To me it made the plot very flat.

I wanted Will to fall for someone worthy of him and I couldnít accept that Grace was that person, despite her sudden change in her outlook on life. No secondary characters stood out in the story for me either. I found it all rather slow and to be honest not that interesting.

This book didnít do much for me but other readers may see it differently. I can only give it 3 roses.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Mary.

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