by Sabrina Jeffries

ISBN: 0-7434-7772-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sabrina Jeffries brings us her third book in The Royal Brotherhood Series and boy did she deliver! LOL

Lady Christabel, the Marchioness of Haversham is in trouble. Not only has her dead husband left her nearly destitute, he had also given some very important but also possibly dangerous letters to a very scandalous man to pay off a gaming debt. Now she must retrieve the letters or her family's,as well as her own life could be ruined. She seeks out Gavin Byrne, bastard son of the king for help. He also held gaming notes from her husband, but when he tried to collect his money; she shot him….that’s right…shot him!

Gavin Byrne can’t believe that the only woman to ever take a crack shot at him has the gall to ask for his help. But, asking she is and how can he turn down a damsel in distress, besides, if he doesn’t help her, she could end up getting herself killed. Little does he know, but the one thing more at risk is going to be his heart.

Christabel and Gavin set off on a journey of scandal, political upheaval and a potential meeting with his Kingly father. But the most important journey that they take is following the direction of their attraction for each other, while trying to keep from causing more scandal.

The passion is hot, the settings are beautiful and the mystery is page turning. Ms. Jeffries never fails to deliver. Her hero’s and heroine’s are always believable and you can’t help but fall in love with them. The secondary characters only add spice to the tale and help to keep it flowing and never leaving the reader wondering ‘what if’ or ‘who is that’.

You can never go wrong with a Sabrina Jeffries book! Happy reading!!!

Reviewed in June 2005 by Debbie.

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