by Amanda Quick

June 2005
ISBN: 0-399-15288-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Amanda Quick brings us another tale of mystery and romance.

Concordia Glade is very suspicious about the goings on at Aldwick Castle. When she was hired to teach four orphaned young ladies at the castle, it wasn’t long before she realized that something entirely different and immoral is going on. She develops an escape plan for her and the girls in her charge, but never expects to find a hero to help them through their turmoil.

During the investigation into a woman’s mysterious death, private inquiry agent Ambrose Wells finds himself at Aldwick Castle and in the middle of sheer chaos. Not only is the castle on fire and people are running from her to there trying to put out the flames, he inadvertently stumbles upon a woman and three younger women having a stand-off with a huge, brute of a man with only a lamp and a shovel for protection. When he ‘takes care’ of the mountain of a man, he offers his assistance and protection. Little did he know what he was truly getting himself into.

Concordia has no choice but to accept the handsome stranger’s offer of aid. Catching Amborse off guard, he soon realizes that these are not ordinary women, but women of courage and strength. He soon takes them under his wing and offers them a place of refuge until they can figure out what and who the true danger is. But what neither of them expects is to find out that all of the events at the castle have been orchestrated by a notorious London crime lord who will stop at nothing to destroy all of those who know his secrets.

When Concordia finally trusts Ambrose enough to tell her secrets, you start to truly see the bond that forms between them. Both come from scandalous pasts that they would rather forget, but it’s these incidents that form the center of their relationship. They fall in love with not only who they are now, but who they have been in the past. The secondary characters are very well written and each deserves a story in their own right. The setting is believable and the storyline brings the reader into the pages that flow from one to the next, never missing a beat.

You can never go wrong with an Amanda Quick book. Every single one is a keeper!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Debbie.

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