by Monica Burns

January 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-358-9
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Ophelia offers herself to the Earl Of Rotherham in return for the deeds to her fatherís estate, which he lost to the Earl through gambling. What she doesnít know is the man who accepts her proposal isnít the Earl but his younger brother, Charles.

Charles then makes a bargain to teach her the art of love making over a month. Ophelia finds that she enjoys their secret meetings.

This book is a historical but really it is more of an erotic romance as the whole story centres around the sexual awakening and teaching of Ophelia. Passion is high on the agenda and the couple certainly know how to rouse each other in differing exotic ways. Charles seems to be a master in the erotic arts and Eastern culture, though his brother is supposed to be the rake!

The author knows her craft and her descriptions are very teasing.

This is a very short novel just 104 pages. The author makes good use of the book by her style of writing and manages to keep the tension and satisfactorily finish of the story without making it seem rushed.

The characters of Ophelia and Charles are well thought out and they hold the reader's interest well. Ophelia is a well brought up young woman and is a virgin when she goes into this arrangement with Charles. She is so sure she can handle it well. She doesnít bargain on falling in love with him.

Charles is a bit jaded and certainly not looking for love.

In the background is Opheliaís sister, Prudence. She makes a good character and is the only secondary character of note in the book.

Worth a read but you have to like erotica to enjoy the story.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Mary.

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