by Autumn Dawn

January 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-318-X
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When I saw the blurb for Once Bitten, I decided I had to read it to find out what the “one catch” was. There was several things leading up to this, and then we found out a lot of the consequences afterwards.

Bali is the daughter of a scientist who was into genetics and into altering people into what is considered mutants. At an early age, her father first started his experiments on her. These experiments lasted a few years. It seems all the experiments are starting to take there toll on her; she is dying. It seems only one thing will save her, the bite from a Drac. Bali has several fears and trusting a man is one of them. But in order to live she must not only learn to trust a little, but she must also be bitten by a Drac while having sex. The latter Bali didn’t quite know until the moment at hand.

Domino is the Drac who Bali has come to for help. Icki, Domino’s friend and Bali’s doctor, is playing a little matchmaking in the process. Domino has a debt to pay to Bali, as Domino was also experimented on and it was Bali who freed him from the lab. Domino can see the distrust that Bali feels in her eyes. He is also attracted to her, but he doesn’t push her; he takes his time to try to win her trust. Can Domino repay the debt he owes Bali? Can he bite her and just what does this mean? If he does bite her, will it save her life? These are just a few questions that Domino and Bali must come to terms with.

I did learn what the “one catch” was, and it was interesting to see the outcome. Once Bitten has several interesting characters and ones I would like to see in the future to find out how they are in their own stories perhaps, Icki and Skye to name a couple. The story isn’t just about if Domino will bite Bali but also about the danger that Bali is in from people trying to kill her because of who her father was. It is also about learning to trust.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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