by Lori Copeland

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-78536-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

Hair stylist Kate Madison may not have the perfect life, but it is definitely better than average. At least until that fateful day when her loving husband, Neil, rushes out the door, running too late to even kiss Kate goodbye. Kate takes her girls to school and goes about her normal routine, until she unexpectedly is visited by Neil’s fire-fighting friends. Neil has been killed on the line of duty.

Reeling, Kate struggles to pull her life together. But due to a tear in her eardrum, she is no longer able to keep her teaching position which requires a lot of travel. Her boss transfers Kate and her girls to San Francisco. At first, Kate is hesitant. How will leaving Oklahoma and all she holds dear be beneficial?

When Kate arrives in San Francisco, she not only finds earthquakes, but she also finds friends. Will San Francisco help her heal? Or will it only make her homesick?

Mother of Prevention is a lighthearted look at unexpectedly becoming a widow and a single parent of two small children. Even though Kate grieved, I think she still handled it a lot better than some people might.

I don’t care much for stories of death and grief, but I sympathized greatly with Kate and found myself cheering her on. Some of the comments made in the book rang very true and others, I wondered if Ms. Copeland had researched or just made up in the name of artistic license. Like a blizzard in Little Rock, Arkansas, bad enough to keep planes grounded. That is very unlikely. It’d be more possible that they’d have an ice storm than a blizzard.

All in all, Mother of Prevention is a cute story, one that readers will probably enjoy.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Laura.

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