by Cherry Adair

July 2005
ISBN: 0-345-47642-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

T-FLAC is a freelance counter-terrorism group and they are looking for a thief but not just any thief – the person they choose must be the best! T-FLAC needs a highly-sensitive, very dangerous job done very discretely and they need it done now! After lots of research and careful consideration, Huntington “Hunt” St. John finds the person they want. He finally tracked her down – she’s in jail in a South American country. Little does Hunt know that the job has already been done!

Taylor Kincaid is pretty much a loner and always has been. She’s also very good at what she does and has never been caught…..until now! After a vicious beating by the guards for attempting to escape, she gets thrown back into her cell and realizes her sight is gone, hopefully temporarily! She’s surprised, but very suspicious, when she gets broken out of jail. She quickly discovers what her rescuer is looking for but she doesn’t have it - or does she? She promises Hunt that she will get him what he’s looking for, but she doesn’t really believe his “T-FLAC has to stop a terrorist group” story so she double crosses him.

It has taken Hunt two more months to track her down after their little tête-à-tête in South America and he isn’t very happy about it! T-FLAC is running out of time and this woman has what they need. Taylor is given no choice in the matter! Hunt tells her that he doesn’t want the jewels – he just needs the discs that were in the safe with the jewels. Now the ride begins and what a ride it is!!!

Hot Ice by Cherry Adair is yet another yummy T-FLAC sizzler from this very talented author. It has suspense, plenty of action, not one but two terrorist groups working against T-FLAC and introductions to even more yummy T-FLAC operatives! I’ve been waiting for Hunt’s book for a long time and it was well worth the wait!!!! He’s a to-die-for hero and Taylor is such a “kick-ass” heroine, it was a pleasure reading the book! If you’re looking to see any of the Wright brothers in this book, you will get only a brief glimpse of Michael but this is Hunt’s story and what a story!!

Reviewed in September 2005 by PamL.

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