by Michelle M. Pillow

January 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-577-8
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When Pia Korbin signed on with Galaxy Brides, she never expected to actually get married. Sure, she knew it was part of the contract, but the way she sees it, she is way too ugly to get married. How can any man want her?

Prince Zoran of Draig knows that he is destined to be with Pia for eternity. He doesn’t even have to look at the crystal pulsing around his neck to know that they are supposed to marry. But for some reason, Pia seems reluctant to choose him. Could it be that she isn’t feeling the same thing as he is?

Before Pia quite realizes what is happening, she is married to Zoran. He is ecstatic, but Pia is afraid. She doesn’t know how to be married, plus there’s the small fact that she there is a price on her head. Sure, she looks incredibly different due to the surgeries that Galaxy Brides performed, but that doesn’t mean she feels safe and secure.

The more time Pia spends with Zoran however, the more she starts to feel safe and secure. Though originally intending to get a divorce, Pia’s heart now yearns to stay forever with her warrior husband. She enjoys their sparring sessions, their workouts together, and the incredible sexual attraction they share. Is there any hope for this lovelorn duo?

The Warrior Prince is the last in Ms. Pillow’s Dragon Lords series. This is a sci-fi tale that takes place within another galaxy, so there are definitely a lot of interesting otherworldly tidbits that come across, but the basic structure of a strong romance between appealing and likable characters holds true.

Ms. Pillow creates a thrilling conclusion to this series. Whether or not you’ve read previous Dragon Lords stories, you will still be able to follow this story quite easily as the author has the ability to craft the various plots into one essential story that will hold your attention from start to finish.

Zoran and Pia are characters who have a rough start together, but you will be rooting for them to find their happily-ever-after from beginning to end.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sarah.

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