by Isolde Martyn

February 2002
ISBN: 0-425-18329-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

An Australian RBOTY (Romance Book Of The Year) winner of 2001, The Knight And The Rose has been eagerly awaited by fans of her RITA awarded debut novel The Maiden And The Unicorn.

Once more Isolde Martyn presents a strong heroine, a heroine that is not afraid to do ANYTHING to get herself "divorced" from her abusive husband. In 14th-century England, Lady Johanna FitzHenry is lucky to have a meddling mother. The same one that finds her a man to claim in court that he married her first. That man is secretive Geraint - a man who is fleeing the king's army, reason enough for him not to risk discovery and to play along in creating an imaginative past and loving feelings. Not an easy endeavor as Geraint and Johanna's exchanges are more

explosive than loving!

Hurt but not broken Johanna is unwilling to let Geraint too close. Yet finds herself reluctantly drawn to him when he sets out to liberate her not only from her husband but also from her aversion to sex. A task that proves to be more tricky than expected as it takes a lot to get past her barriers - needs to be read, understood and appreciated. *grin*

Whereas Isolde Martyn's first book featured only historical figures, The Knight And The Rose shows that she is more than up to creating her own mesmerizing and compelling characters. Not afraid of going into historical details, Isolde Martyn shows an in depth knowledge of her chosen era and its characters. The obvious research put into this book is stunning to behold, leaving me to lose myself in a beautiful story. The disturbing facts of Johanna's past are never glossed over - giving this story a realistic finish and making The Knight And The Rose a satisfying romance novel worth reading, and deserving of its place on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Kris Alice.

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