by Lydia Brookes

January 2005
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Nicky, a bartender and owner of a bar, was disgusted in a man who seemed to always bring his dates to her bar. She did learn that he was a private investigator, and his job was to seduce married woman. Just because she was disgusted with him didnít mean she didnít like the look of his body; oh, she liked it very much. Nicky just didnít know what to call him, as he had a different name for each date he brought into the bar.

Jack, his real name, we hope, has had the hots for Nicky ever since he started showing up at her bar with his many dates. He also comes to her rescue when her brother comes in asking for champagne, and Nicky refuses to give it to him. Jack might be there with his dates, but it is Nicky he is wishing for instead.

The chemistry is there; Nicky and Jack feed off each other, as they banter back and forth. Of course Nicky wants to pay Jack for what he is good at. But will it backfire on her; will the one time be enough for her? What about Jack?

A Hired Affair was a quick read that gives us a little background about both Nicky and Jack. The question is do you believe in love with only spending a few minutes in someone's company over the course of several months, in a bar setting no less? What about the fact that one person wants to pay the other for sex and that is it? If you're looking for a quick romp with the hopes that a misunderstanding is corrected, then pick up A Hired Affair.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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