by Tina Donahue

May 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-1078-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Ex-Marine Cole Ryder is not allowed to touch, seduce or lead on Ariel Leigh. Ariel’s overly protective uncle is more than prepared to haul Cole’s ass of his tropical island should he hurt her in any way. Working on his first feature film, Cole needs the uncle’s goodwill to secure the island as prime location for the shoot. Laying eyes on Ariel doesn’t change that, but makes it more difficult.

Ariel doesn’t believe in love, in a committed relationship, especially when it comes to the Hollywood types, the men and women so much like her parents. However, she’s more than willing to enjoy the three nights and days she’s got with Cole. Fascinated by his military background, she decides he might be man enough to respect her expertise and not to be intimated by her.

Cole, only too happy to be challenged, is on for a chase through the rainforest, a commanding woman and a script ever changing. Were it up to him, the sex scene would be moved forward. Page 5 would be nice, especially as Ariel plans on reenacting the whole thing. However, Ariel knows that to guarantee the ultimate satisfaction one needs to savor the anticipation - while indulging in heated kisses, strong embraces and exploring hands.

Ariel is an intriguing heroine. She manages to seduce Cole not only into her arms, but also into rewriting his whole script and following her lead. Taking his breath away with complete adoration for his person she allows him to excel at keeping her hot and satisfied at night. Readers looking for an alpha hero might be disappointed, as Cole is only too happy for Ariel to have her way. And so Ariel, secure in his respect and admiration, takes charge when it comes to providing food, shelter and protection.

Tina Donahue’s first single title is unusual, uncluttered, fun and with an exotic local and a heady sexual tension Take My Breath Away is sure to please, tease and entertain.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Kris Alice.

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