by Rhonda Nelson

February 2005
ISBN: 0-37379176-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #172
Mass Market Paperback

Francesca “Frankie” Salvaterra is one of the founders of the motivational new group for women, Chicks In Charge. The group was formed to teach women to be independent and to take charge of every aspect of their lives. It started as an on line magazine and before the founders knew what was happening, it had grown into groups all over the country. The latest development is that the magazine has now gone into print format. As the resident sexpert for ChiC, Frankie has been asked to go on a five city tour to promote the new format and give the attendees some of her spicy sex advice.

She won’t be on the road alone either. Ross Hartford, the newly named Duke Of Desire, will be traveling with Frankie. Although Frankie is attracted to Ross, he just rubs her the wrong way, and their personalities clash upon first sight. All they ever do is fight. Will Frankie be able to survive a week on the road with this sexy man who drives her crazy?

Ross Hartford, an advertising executive at Tate Advertising, wants the big Maxwell Commodities account. His boss, Tate Hatcher, promises him the account if he will go on this road trip with Frankie. Tate’s wife Zora was the idea woman behind Chicks In Charge and has always said that she doesn’t want men working in the organization. After Zora loses a game of “dirty poker” to Tate, his price for winning is that Ross must work for a week at ChiC. Zora chooses to send him on the trip with Frankie as the Duke Of Desire, and the funny thing is that Zora doesn’t seem too mad that she lost. Does she have a plan for Frankie and Ross that she isn’t letting Tate in on?

Getting It Good, the second installment of Rhonda Nelson’s Chicks In Charge mini series, is even better than the first. Ross and Frankie are excellent characters, and their banter is what makes this book so great. The characters in their roles of Carnal Contessa and Duke Of Desire are called upon to perform some hands on demonstrations at the conferences. How long they fight their feelings will be anybody’s guess. The tension becomes hotter with each new city they visit. How long will they be able to fight the passion that is evident to everyone but them?

As in the first book, the secondary characters fill out the story nicely, and there are I believe two more Chicks who need to get their men even if they don’t know it yet. With exciting believable characters and hot passion Rhonda Nelson has created an exciting series, and I can’t wait to see who will be getting it next.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Barbara.

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