by Jo Barrett

February 2005
ISBN: 1-4116-2183-2
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Susan just ran off the side of the road and hit a tree. She was lucky, she could have slid down the side of the mountain. She was going way too fast in her car on an icy road with snow coming down. She was impatient to get to her destination and try to have some time to herself to try and figure out her life and what she wants.

Along comes Zeke Snow in his eighteen-wheeler and with great reluctance offers her a ride to the nearest stop. Let’s just say that Zeke is not too happy with the arrangements and he can’t believe that he decided to take a shortcut over the mountain in the snow that was hard to see very far in front of you.

It seems that fate has a hand in getting Susan and Zeke together. They are pretty much totally opposite of each other. This opposition seems to work for them and in the end it is Zeke that takes Susan to her cabin.

Can Susan and Zeke have more than their time at the cabin than just a few days? What happens when reality shows up at the door in the form of her fiancée, Derrick, and her father, Charles? Can they work out their differences? Will either of these very stubborn people give each other a chance or will they throw it away?

Hidden Curves is more than just the bend in the road that takes Susan on a skid in her car. It is about coming into oneself, finding the strength to stand on your own feet and not be pushed or bullied around to someone else’s way of thinking or life. That bend in the road brings Susan and Zeke together and it is up to them to tread the road to happiness together, even when it seems there are more bumps and curves in the road ahead that they have to navigate around and over.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Pam.

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