by Anne Stuart

ISBN: 0-7783-2171-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Chloe Underwood is an American living in Paris. As a translator of children’s books, she pretty much lives paycheck-to-paycheck, residing in a tiny flat with her friend, Sylvia, who works for the same publishers. Chloe and Sylvia couldn’t be more different. Chloe is a cute quiet American, while Sylvia is a beautiful outgoing European. Sylvia has a lot of dates but she’s planning on marrying a wealthy Frenchman. Chloe longs for passion and danger. Her wish is about to come true!!!

One day, Sylvia comes running in with a proposition for Chloe. Sylvia has a translating job she’d like Chloe to take for her, as she made other plans. It’s just for the weekend at a lovely country chateau, translating for a group of grocers. The extra incentive is the 700 Euros (about $900.00 USD) she’ll have at the end of the weekend. The one catch is she has to leave NOW!! Sylvia has packed for her and the limo is waiting for her! So Chloe is off for the weekend.

One of the first people she meets upon her arrival at the chateau, is Bastien Toussaint who looks like anything but the “grocer” he claims to be, with his longish black hair and his lean gorgeous Armani-clad body. Bastien is an undercover spy working for The Committee. He’s at the chateau to try and find out who murdered the head of this group of arms dealers and to make sure, by any means necessary, that one particular man isn’t elected as head of the group. The rest of the “grocers’ look just as out-of-place as Bastien. Her first night there, Bastien makes a pass and she pushes him away. By the end of the second day, she’s slated to be tortured and murdered because she knows too much! After that, things really get interesting!!

Black Ice by Anne Stuart is “classic” Stuart. Passion, suspense, excitement abound in this book! Chloe is wonderfully written as a intelligent, yet slightly naďve young woman, while Bastien is written as a world-weary spy with Black Ice for a heart who is tired and not afraid of death and yet underneath, he’ll do anything he can to keep the woman he loves safe from his life! This is a book I highly recommend for anyone who wants to read a fast-paced story with a hero who refuses to see that he’s a good man, a heroine who would like nothing better than to show him that he’s a good man and a host of unsavory characters who will stop at nothing to ensure these two people do not have a HEA!! Excellent job, Ms. Stuart – I can hardly wait for the next one!!!!

Reviewed in April 2005 by PamL.

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