by Heather Graham

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2159-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

Being a soap diva is murder, (no pun intended), at least for Valentine Valley’s star Kelly Trent who portrays man hating advice columnist Marla Valentine. Playing Marla since the show’s inception almost a decade ago, Kelly has amassed fame and fortune, but along with any celebrity status comes the usual hate mail. Kelly does not believe anyone would deliberately aim to hurt her, and has ignored the threats. That is until a near fatal accident on a location shoot has left the powers that be behind the popular soap running scared. They have decided to put Kelly and her alter ego, Marla on a hiatus. Her agents have decided this would be a good time for Kelly to take advantage of other opportunities such as the offer from one of rock’s newest hot sounds, Kill Me Quick who are launching their debut single sure to be a mega hit with a multi million-dollar video. Filming will be done on a secluded island in the Florida Keys. There are just a few problems with this. The continued threat to Kelly’s life, and the fact that the video requires Kelly to dance, and with two left feet, that is not going to be easy. That is why her agents have hired a man that can get both aspects of this job done. Enter award winning dance instructor and private investigator, hunky Doug O’Casey, formerly of the Miami Metro police department.

Doug O’Casey’s cop instincts are still in on mode and with the murders of several high profile female advice therapists, it looks like Kelly Trent is the next target of this deranged serial killer. When more threats are made, and “accidents” occur involving Kelly, Doug begins to convince a skeptical Kelly that this is no coincidence! Someone very close to Kelly and obviously involved in the video project could be the killer. The one thing this evil murderer had not counted on is that for Doug the assignment has become a personal issue!

No one writes suspense with the edge and finesse that Heather Graham incorporates in her books! Bringing along several key characters from her prequel bestseller Dead on the Dance Floor, Doug O’Casey younger brother to that story’s hero Quinn gets his own mystery to solve and heroine to rescue in Killing Kelly. Sparks fly high between Alpha male Doug, and soap vixen Kelly who can really take care of herself when the chips fall. Kelly has some dangerous kickboxing/yoga moves that show she is no wuss! Add in an adorable canine companion named Sam, and I had myself another great read from Heather Graham!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Bonnie.

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