by Lori Foster

June 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7514-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jamie Creed is one of those larger-than-life secondary characters that sometimes comes along and tries to steal a book away from the main characters. Perhaps that statement is putting things a bit too harshly but it is safe to say that Jamie has intrigued readers throughout four previous books set in Visitation, NC. Finally with the release of Jamie, Ms. Foster gives this mysterious mountain man his own story and her readerís answers they have been hungering for through the previous books in this series.

Jamie Creed is a mysterious man who has spent most of the past decade living a solitary life in the mountains outside Visitation, NC. Jamie has a dark past and has the gift, or curse however you may look at it, of being able to see things before they actually happen. Sometimes his visions arenít black and white but he can sense danger and has warned the people of Visitation of impending danger on several occasions. By doing so he has become what they consider a friend whether he wants to be or not. In all honesty Jamie would rather just continue to be a loner and fend for himself but this wonít happen especially when the women of Visitation set out to make him one of their own.

In a blinding rain storm Faith Owen makes her way up Jamieís mountain in search of the reclusive man. She needs him to help her daughter and will stop at nothing until she finds him.

Jamie senses Faith on the mountain and sets out to rescue her. Faith is ill from exposure and Jamie takes her to his cabin but not before making sure she isnít wearing any bugs, which basically means stripping her.

As Faith recovers and tells him the reason she has sought his help Jamie begins to feel drawn to Faith. Although afraid to trust her he is still a man and feels an overwhelming attraction to her. Faith does have a few secrets that she doesnít share with Jamie and he senses danger concerning her and her daughter. Will this haunted man be able to put aside his mistrust of people and let Faith in? What does the future hold for them and the rest of the Visitation residents?

Lori Foster has done a marvelous job of penning the last story in her popular Visitation series. She manages to keep Jamie somewhat mysterious through much of the book. Faith seems a perfect companion for our mysterious Jamie but much of her background is kept a mystery until the last few chapters of the book as well.

Jamie and Faith have the chemistry readers have come to expect from Ms Fosterís couples and the book has several steamy scenes readers are sure to enjoy. In addition to revealing much of the mystery behind the charismatic Jamie, Ms Foster wraps up some lose ends concerning other characters as well, most notably Alex Winston and Scott Royal. Jamie is a very satisfying ending to a memorable series.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Barbara.

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