by Lorie O\'Clare, J.C. Wilder and Ashleigh Raine

September 2004
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Sandy Parks needs a werewolf. Not any old werewolf will do. She requires strength, power, and heat, and Ralph Hipp is ready to accommodate. As security for the pack leader Ralph is in a position to keep an eye on the Widow Parks, and he is more than happy to do so. However, he wants more. He wants to touch her, kiss her; he wants to be her mate.

Sandy’s aggressive personality combined with Ralph’s alpha maleness makes for a volatile experience both in and out of bed.

In Blue Moon, Lorie O’Clare’s bold voice and the carnal appetites of her characters provide plenty of heat in this first installment of the anthology Things that Go Bump in the Night 2004.

A rogue vampire and his followers are threatening the Council of Elders. For the Shadow Dwellers, life without the Council means a life of disorder and devastation. Rik, a werecat, plans on doing everything within his power to keep his people from going through that again.

Char has decided to take charge of her life. That is why the normally staid librarian is spending Halloween at a bondage-theme club and wearing a poured-on catwoman suit. She didn’t count on walking into a war between Shadow Hunters.

Author J.C. Wilder provides a real treat with Shadow Hunter. Readers can expect well-rounded characters and a winning plot.

In Two-Fold Desires by Ashleigh Raine, flower shop owner Jill Evans is looking forward to a night out on the town. Who knows? Maybe this will be the night she meets the man of her dreams.

Time is running out for Arden. He needs a woman. Spying Jill just as he is about to give up is a pleasant surprise. She seems exactly what he requires. At least, he hopes so. Can she accept him as he is or will she turn tail and run out on him as soon as his secrets are revealed?

A spunky heroine, a fun read, Two-Fold Desires is erotic fantasy at its best. Author team, Ashleigh Raine's witty style makes this installment a delightful read. This story is tasteful, yet seductive, and the reader will be unable to stop reading until the end. If you like eroticism and multiple partners do not bother you, then this is a story for you.

Things that Go Bump in the Night 2004 is a thrilling compilation of talent and creativity. Do not miss this red-hot read!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Rho.