by Elle Emriche

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59374-340-8
Reviewer Graphic Button The Whiskey Creek Press

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Peyton Holmes presence has been requested by her brother. What has her really confused is that she and her brother, Marshall, (and sister, Lisa, for that matter) never talk to each other anymore. Yet suddenly Marshall sends for her and Lisa is calling with news that Marshall is missing. All Peyton wants to do is live her life in peace. Over a year ago, Marshall broke the news to Peyton that the man she loved was cheating on her, had left to be with the other woman, and was never coming back. Broken, Peyton has finally started to live her life without Steve.

Steve, however, can’t go on with his life without Peyton. He’s had fifteen months from his brutal attack in which to plan his revenge. Positive that Peyton is the person who set everything up, Steve is going to begin his plot for destruction with her, in the only way he knows how - seduction. Will these two be able to figure out the truth before they do too much damage to each other and themselves?

Revenge at Mirror Lake utilizes a commonly used plot line – both the hero and heroine believes that the other has wronged them greatly and both will do everything to destroy the other for the hurt they felt. However, arthur Elle Emrich re-creates this plot with finesse, making the story line feel new and untried. Peyton is innocent and pure of heart and mind, an oddity given the terribleness of her siblings. Steve believes in his head that Peyton is the mastermind in his destruction, yet his heart has a completely different story. The sexual “torture” in this story will have you ready for the fan and something cool to drink. Though the ending had a bit of a rushed feel to it, I found the whole story to be a good quick read.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Vikky.

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