by Trish Jensen

February 2005
ISBN: 0-37344208-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #34
Mass Market Paperback

Megan Renshaw has decided to concentrate on her career and leave her love life on hold especially since her fiancée decided he would rather marry her sister. Meg’s latest brainstorm for Big Adventures Travel is a murder mystery theme weekend at a real Charleston plantation. She has hired actors to mingle among the guests and set the scene for the “murder” that will take place during the weekend. Then the guests will be given clues to try and figure out who the murder is. Meg’s problems start when her “corpse” shows up appearing drunk shortly before the guests arrive. Her situation goes from bad to worse when the owner of the plantation, Matt Rossi, shows up demanding that she leave his property because he didn’t give anyone permission to have a murder mystery weekend at his home.

The unflappable Meg soon has Matt agreeing to be the replacement “corpse” for the weekend. She soon learns that her troubles aren’t all over though when Matt wants to change the script so he can stick around to watch after his property instead of being carted off dead as a doornail.

When I see Trish Jensen’s name on a book I know I am in for a few hours of non-stop fun. Without A Clue shows Trish in top form. Matt and Meg are characters the reader will love. Ms Jenson throws in a menagerie of secondary characters who create their own laugh out loud moments. Among my favorites was Glenda, the alcoholic cook.

Chapter fourteen came as a total surprise, but it is pure Trish and worth the price of the book itself. Grab your favorite beverage and a copy of Without A Clue and enjoy a few hours of laugh out loud moments with this most talented author. I promise you will be anxious for her next release as she has the ability to make her readers forget their troubles for a while and just enjoy her mad cap humor.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Barbara.

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