by Mary Gillgannon

January 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7303-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Rhun is the son of a Welsh warrior, who pledges his oath to King Arthurís cause. When Rhun was a very young warrior, he rescued a Saxon maiden because he hadnít the heart to kill her. Years later he meets Eastra, the girl he rescued and who turns out to be a Saxon princess.

Rhun is a very loyal warrior and he always puts duty first. And when Eastra offers herself as a hostage in an attempt to bring about the truce between the warring sides, Rhun takes advantage of her generous plan and takes her. The attraction between Eastra and Rhun is very obvious from the beginning.

This is a very well written story in which both the lead characters are excellent. Mary Gilgannon lends a new twist to the ever-popular legend of King Arthur. I really liked the character of Bredei, who is Rhunís brother - he is so devious yet likeable. It would be wonderful if Ms Gillgannon gave him his own story someday.

At times, Rhunís devotion to duty made me want to shake some sense into him! He loves Eastra but could see no way forward for the two of them. And Eastra is equally frustrated with Rhun - she wants him so much, but he keeps being so honorable to her! Eastra, on the other hand, is a great heroine, who has courage in plenty.

There are many good plots and treacherous actions throughout the book. The pace is good and the history of the period well researched. Having the setting during the reign of King Arthur, an element of magic is brought into this story, which somehow seems fitting to the time period and enhances the story.

This is the third story set during the time of King Arthur that Ms. Gillgannon has written. It is obviously a period of history she has researched well; and adding her own ideas to the legend gives the story extra depth.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Mary.

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