by Delilah Devlin

January 2005
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Lani Kimmel has spent her life running to dark places to hide from the shouting of her parents. She is comfortable in the dark, which is the reason that she rescues people from caves as a member of the fire department. The dark is the one place where the bad stuff doesnít dwell, and the one place where Lani is in control of the situation. Laniís problem is that she canít control Rafe, no matter how dark he is. Rafe Chavez has given Lani as much space as he could, but being the sheriff and having to be around Lani since she was part of the fire department and not being able to touch her like he has wanted to, has his patience straining. Rafe is finally determined that the space he has been giving Lani is enough, and it is time to stake a claim on her that even she wonít be able to mistake.

Now Laniís problems have gotten worse. Not only is Rafe determined to break down every wall that she has built to protect herself, but a mountain lion that she found in a cave seems to have attached itself to Lani. Not only does it hang around her house, but it doesnít seem to be scared of Rafe either. Rafe doesnít like the fact that the mountain lion followed Kani back from the cave, and he likes it even less since she started having dreams dealing with a young Indian brave that was chased into the cave and killed by a mountain lion. Unfortunately Rafe is beginning to think that the mountain lion and the Indian boy have merged into one spirit, and that spirit is using Rafe to get to the one thing that it wants, Lani.

Lion in the Shadow is a wonderful novel about a persons willingness to grow through love, as well as the struggle she goes through to get to that point. Delilah Devlin is an amazing writer that has a talent of bringing a story to life like no other. She has written a paranormal erotica novel that doesnít focus mainly on what is happening between the hero and the heroine of the story, but the subplot of the story as well. Not only is it an emotional story, but a highly sensuous one as well.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Angel.

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