by Kimberly Dean

January 2005
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Talia Sizemore had not intended to become a cat burglar. Nonetheless, she got the most erotic rush every time she hunted for deserving prey. It was becoming addictive. With every jimmied lock and soundless entrance Talia’s flagging self-confidence soared. With her new confidence came a sense of sexual freedom and daring. Talia’s letting her freak flag fly in a big way.

But the situation gets dangerous and intense when detective Riley Kincade is assigned to investigate the series of thefts. The rugged detective sets his sights on capturing the New Covington Cat Burglar and on discovering all of Talia’s secrets. The imposing detective has a way of making Talia squirm. He watches her every move. For Talia the thrill of being very very bad right under Riley’s nose is irresistible. When the New Covington Cat Burglar becomes more active Riley orders a thorough search of Talia’s home and business. Riley is happy to perform any body searches personally.

While On the Prowl by Kimberley Dean was interesting, sexy, and left me cheering for this compelling heroine, I still found myself cringing at some of the down right misguided things she did. As can be expected from Ms. Dean the love scenes were smoking hot and the characters were super cool.


Reviewed in February 2005 by Cynthia.

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