by Melissa Bowersock

February 2005
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Elly Cole finds herself waking up in a hospital with no memory of her past. The only thing she knows for certain are the facts her doctor has told her about herself. She is married, and tests have also shown she is eight weeks pregnant.

Her husband is at the hospital with her throughout the ordeal. However, he is only wanting her to regain her memory so that he can find answers to his questions. The car accident had occurred when she was leaving him for her lover, Adam, who was tragically killed in the accident.

This was a tough book to rate. Reviewing this took a lot of thought, the story itself was very well written. It had no problems at all holding this readerís attention. However, the characterís, as well as the direction this story took, was not something I could find myself endorsing. Not because it dealt with something controversial, which it did do, but because the glorified ending was not realistic with the type of man Ellyís husband was. Nor was it that glorified, in that she still didnít have the same complete freedoms as women should have when married.

She still in the last chapter walked on eggshells with him and his temper. The fact is he never really changed all his spots, just enough so that a small majority of readers may feel he might not hit her again. Yes, this book dealt with spousal abuse. He abused her emotionally and physically. I felt no particular empathy for his character or his pattern of thinking. I was glad to see Elly win small battles as this couple found their way to each other again, however I still on the last page felt that the relationship had a gray cloud over it.

A compelling read, I can not justify it as a five as there could have been a little more manipulation of the characters to make them more likable and the situation more open to the resolution. In the final chapters before we view our happy ending, he uses his dominance to lay down the law with her and put her through the emotional wringer. That is not an indicator that says this relationship will change for the good permanently, though I do believe each individual knew the other better at the end than in the beginning, it was still to big a pill to swallow for this reader.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Katy.

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