by Suzanne Walter

February 2005
ISBN: 0-8034-9692-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avalon Books

Abigail Blue does not recognize Percival Chase Dymond IV until after she hits him with a brush when he scares her in her barn. The press calls him "Diamond Boy", but he prefers to be called Chase. Chase is still drunk after a big bash of a party and a cab dropped him off at the wrong farm. Abby is just happy she is not accused of assault by Chase's wealthy parents when she takes him home.

Chase is supposed to have come home to run the family advertising business since good old Dad is too busy with his thoroughbred horses. Chase decides to buy his own horse to have a reason to see Abby again. Chase hires Abby to train his horse,Lance, and promises that he wants to be involved in a "hands on" way. Chase and Abby are attracted to each other, but Chase is practically engaged to a woman whose family business could make a big impact on the bottom line of the Dymond ad business.

Abby is a wonderful heroine, but vulnerable after a failed marriage that taught her all are not created equal when it comes to money and social status. She is smart and tough and makes the reader want to root for her. Chase is a man tormented about doing the right thing and family obligations. He is an empathetic hero, as we all struggle with tough decisions that can affect our future. Georgia, Chase's fiancee, is the sort of woman a reader loves to hate. There is nothing like a conniving woman to give extra fun and tension to a good story.

Diamond's are a Cowgirl's Best Friend will appeal to all readers who enjoy a sweet romance and repartee between characters. There is plenty of emphasis on horses, but you don't have to be part of the "horsey set" to enjoy this charming book. You may learn a few new things along with being thoroughly entertained.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Roberta.

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